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is it HAUNTed?

Ghosts of the painted lady
Painted Lady Bed & Brew former brothel
Painted Lady Bed & Brew ghosts.

Is it haunted? This is a very popular question. I can tell you with 100% confidence that the former owner’s suite, Jessie #1, is (or was at one point) haunted. Not as much as when I purchased the property in 2014, but it still is a place where paranormal activity occurs. The other rooms at the brothel have their fair share of stories, too (do a quick search on our Google Review Page for keyword "ghosts" to read what guests have said). If you are not a believer, you will likely have no ghost stories to tell regarding the Bed & Brew. However, an open mind and a willing suspension of disbelief is key.


Read our new Ghost Blog below for a peek at my life at the Lady.

~ Jesse


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tales from my life at the lady
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