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ghost light saloon

enjoy a pint inside a vintage trolley car
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After a 3-year renovation, we are excited to announce that Hoppy Hour is now served inside our on-site Trolley Car tap room, the Ghost Light Saloon! Hoppy Hour is available between 5:05 p.m. - 6 p.m. ONLY (no reservations required).

Your first beer each evening is on us!


🍻 Preview our current tap list here 🍻


Private Hoppy Hour for 13

Painted Lady Bed & Brew cordially invites you and 13 unlucky guests to enjoy a private "Hoppy Hour" in the newly opened, Ghost Light Saloon! The Saloon is housed in a 20th century former Albuquerque Trolley Car. Ticket price includes admission for up to 13 guests. Enjoy local draft beer selections from neighborhood breweries
(alcohol not included in rental).


Thursday - Saturday
6:30 PM - 9 PM


Public Hoppy Hour

Beginning September 1st, you will be joining Painted Lady Bed & Brew overnight guests for what is normally a private "Hoppy Hour." Locals and visitors welcome! Ticket price includes admission AND a complimentary beverage (enjoy local draft beer selections from neighborhood breweries. Hard cider, seltzer and soda options also available).

Monday - Saturday

4 PM - 6 PM




brews & boos Tour

Beginning September 1st, Tour guests will gain an insight into the mythos of this historic, fascinating, and haunted place (featured on Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures," "Hotel Paranormal," and A&E's "Psychic Kids").

Your tour guide will provide a walking tour of the grounds and rooms (based on availability). Tour guests will also enjoy a multimedia experience featuring historic photos, firsthand accounts of paranormal activity, and a complimentary beer in the Painted Lady's vintage Trolley Car Tap Room, the Ghost Light Saloon.


1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

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