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frequently asked questions


Q How much beer do we get for being Bed & Brew guests?
A The New Mexico state bed and breakfast liquor license allows for guests to consume the following:


2, 12 oz servings of beer

This is how much you are legally allowed to be served by Bed & Brew employees each day of your stay.

Q  What types of beer are served?

A We try to have at least one option of the following
(and a few surprises for the beer geeks):

Pale Ale | India Pale Ale | Stout | Wheat Beer | Lager | Pilsner | Sour | Cider


Q If we don't drink our beer one day, does it roll over for the next day?

A No. The State license only allows for 24 oz. of beer each day. 

Q Can we bring our own beer onto the property?

A Yes. Each room has a full refrigerator and an insulated, break-proof growler for brewery visits.

Q Are there non-beer options available?

A Yes. There is root beer for under 21 guests and hard cider and hard seltzer for guests 21 and up.


Q Is there free parking?

A Yes. We have on-site, gated parking for  6 vehicles. Please note that there are cafe lights that zig-zag across the parking lot and oversized vehicles may not be able to be accommodated. There is also ample street parking.  



Q Is it haunted?

A Every good lodging establishment has a ghost. Dare to read more here.


Q Is it safe to walk at night?

A Yes. But, just like any major city, please be aware of your surroundings.

Q Do we need to rent a car?

A It depends. If you are okay with visiting most things in the Old Town/Downtown/Sawmill corridor, there are a wealth of things that are within walking or biking distance. Uber/Lyft are also low-cost options to reach other popular parts of the city.



Q Is the Painted Lady dog-friendly?

A Yes. Bring Fido with you! No more than two well-behaved family pets are permitted unless they are prohibited by state law or ordinance. Service animals are always welcome (no charge). Pet must be declared during booking. Please keep your pet on a leash (or in a carrier) when you are outside your room. In consideration of all Painted Lady guests, a pet must never be left unattended in the guestroom. All pets must be leashed. or contained in a carrier outside of you room. Please do not leave pets alone in the room.

Select Bring Fido as "Extras" when checking out.

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