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little ghost girl

Sunday, March 28, 2021

The text below was from a note that I quickly took down on my iPhone just a few minutes after this occurred.

Woke up with those “feelings” that I know so well. Felt it paralyze my legs this time. Saying ‘get out’ over and over in my dream until I woke up and saw her. She was very calm which made me calm. Little ghost girl came slowly to my bedside table. Hispanic, hair pulled back in a tight bun. Red glow on her face briefly from an unknown light source coming from across the bed. Her head came to just above night stand height. Looked 12-18 age range. I had to really focus and concentrate to see her but there was no mistaking what she was. The entire thing lasted about 2-3 minutes. Looked at watch it was 5:27am.

Note: this "little ghost girl" is likely the "lolita" that stills crawls into bed with me at night. More on the lolita in the Ghost Adventures story...

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