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am i stupid for staying here?

Sunday, January 17th, 2021

The text below was from a note that I quickly took down on my iPhone just a few minutes (well, more like 30-minutes) after this occurred.

3:15am salt lamp turns on by itself. I wake up and ask Alexa to turn it off.

4 o’clock hour: sleeping with heavy extra pillow on top of my head, I feel the energy change and I hear them (it feels like 2-4) come in the bedroom. One of them sounds like they have something papery that they are rattling between my legs. As they settle into my space, it feels like they are feeding on me. My heart is beating so fast and it’s scary. I hope that it ends soon. I can’t tell if it’s my familiar ghost girl. It doesn’t feel like how she feels. It continues very strongly and aggressively, my heart is pounding. I feel like I have to confront it or not pretend that I’m asleep anymore. It seems to go away and I feel relieved. Then it returns and it’s stronger than ever. It’s not exciting like before. I just want it to end. It feels like it’s taking something from me. It’s right above me and I picture it drinking me in like the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. The space heater comes on and disrupts the silence. I remove the pillow, roll over and turn on a soft light. It’s 4:32am. Eventually after telling them no and to get out, I stand guard and type this. They are still in the room at 5:01am.

PS - I remember having a dream that I was at mom’s house and they were messing with me in my old room: removing the blanket, messing with the tv, being a pest. I went into mom’s room to tell her and we saw little bubbles whizzing around. I told her that was them and she wouldn’t take me seriously. That’s when I woke up and heard them come in to my actual bedroom.

5:05am: I just had to tell them (out loud) to “get out, get out, get out.” I’m holding the bag of crystals from Samantha.

5:10am: I still feel something in the room.

Note: the next day I woke up and the entire sewage system was messed up. It took 4 days for Roto-Rooter to fix it.

I now feel like it was 6 spirits (male) that entered the room. The main, older male spirit had this sort of crushed cowboy hat on. This is how I saw it through my mind's eye, at least. This was the first time I ever experienced terror. It was also the first time I felt like living here might be bad for my health.

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