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September 4, 2015

I decided to indulge in a very New Mexican tradition known as the Burning of Zozobra. I invited my good friend, Royce, to join me as it was his first time partaking in this tradition, too. We took the train up to Santa Fe. It truly was an amazing, cathartic experience. I remember tears running down my face as this giant, paper effigy was set ablaze. The only thing that slightly put a damper on the evening (not the rain, by the way) was the drunken idiots all around me shouting “burn motherfucker, burn.” After battling the crowd out of the park, we barely made it back to our train on time. However, it was those same drunken idiots that made the ride back to Albuquerque so damn entertaining! After we got back to the property, Royce and another friend started drinking. Still hungover from the night before (a rare occurrence), I passed on the alcohol. However, feeling a second wind kick in, the conversation switched to the paranormal. After telling about the Buddhist Priestess cleansing, I took a bottle of spray “smudge” and began fervently spraying it around the apartment. As soon as I crossed the threshold into the office, the energy felt electric. Whatever was in that office was woken up, it’s chest puffed out and pissed off! I called Royce in. He felt it, too. I would later learn that this spirit was named "Bill." This wouldn't be the last of him.

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