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Bad Touch

Summer 2014

This was the first eye-opening ghost experience for me at the brothel. In the middle of the night, while sleeping on my stomach, something was on top of me and while forcing me down into the bed, it also “shocked” a certain sensitive part of my male body. I remember being angry at first that it was trying to force me down. But, once it was over, I remember being so excited to tell everybody about the ghost that made actual physical contact. I believe that it was one of the former prostitutes that worked here. It felt female, playful at first, then angry.

I’ve struggled telling this story over the years, especially explaining the “physical contact” portion. I haven’t quite settled on the appropriate noun to describe where the entity touched me. I think the term I’ve used most is “nether regions.” When explaining this story to the ladies who do the “Haunted AF” podcast, they titled the episode “Bad Touch Succubus.” Although it was definitely a “bad touch,” it was not the succubus. That would come later.

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