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now brewing!

We brewed our first beer on our 1Bbl brewhouse on January 30th. The Undead surround us (stout) is now on tap!

“The supernatural, the power of darkness, it’s all true. The undead surround us.”

~ An American Werewolf in London.

This winter stout is a rich and robust brew that captivates the senses with its deep, ebony hue. Crafted with a blend of roasted malts, this stout delivers hauntingly bold flavors enveloping your palate in a mysterious symphony. Infused with hand-harvested rosemary from the Painted Lady's grounds, this stout casts a spell with its velvety darkness. Indulge in the mysterious dance of roasted malts, complemented by subtle herbal notes, creating an otherworldly flavor experience. Let the whispers of the Painted Lady’s past infuse every sip, as you navigate the shadows with this uniquely haunting brew.

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