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🍺 all the damn vampires (IPA) NOW ON TAP!

“One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires.”

~ The Lost Boys.

"All the Damn Vampires" is not just a beer; it's an homage to the gritty charm and everlasting coolness of the 1980s cult classic, The Lost Boys. This hop-forward West Coast IPA encapsulates the essence of the film, delivering a taste experience as bold and memorable as the movie itself. After all, you can't spell "Vampires" without I P A.

Picture yourself on the boardwalk of Santa Carla, with the salty sea breeze in your hair and the scent of pine forests in the air. With each sip of "All the Damn Vampires," you're transported to the California coast, where the sun sets in hues of crimson and gold, casting long shadows over the carnival lights.

This brew boasts a tantalizing blend of hops that burst forth with citrusy notes of grapefruit and orange, reminiscent of the sun-drenched days spent exploring the boardwalk. Yet, like the dark secrets lurking beneath the surface of the town, there's a bite to this beer—a satisfying bitterness that keeps you coming back for more.

Just like the fearless vampire hunters in the film, "All the Damn Vampires" is bold, unapologetic, and ready to take on the night. So grab a pint, raise it high, and toast to the eternal allure of The Lost Boys, because with this beer in hand, every sip is an adventure into the unknown.

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