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🍺 GO INTO THE LIGHT (german pale ale) now on tap!

“Go into the light.”

~ Poltergeist.

Introducing "Go into the Light," a German-inspired Pale Ale that beckons you to embrace the luminosity of flavor, crafted in homage to the eerie yet captivating allure of the classic film, Poltergeist. This ethereal brew is masterfully concocted with the finest German noble hops, lending it a pedigree of taste that's both hauntingly familiar and refreshingly novel. "Go into the Light" shines its brightest in its finish—crisp, clean, and astonishingly refreshing. It's this final act that makes our Pale Ale a transcendent choice for the warmer whispers of spring and the full-throated chorus of summer. Each sip is a beacon, guiding you through moments of reflection to times of conviviality.

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