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Wedding FAQ

frequently asked questions


Q How many guests can you accommodate?
A The property can accommodate 75 guests.

food & drink

Q What are the catering options?

A There is no catering or food option on-site. Outside caterers and food trucks work very well. Pizza boxes fit in nicely, too!

Q Is BYOB allowed?

A No. All alcohol is sold and provided by Painted Lady Bed & Brew.


Q What's the music policy?

A Painted Lady Bed & Brew is located on the outskirts of a residential area. The noise level must comply with the City of Albuquerque noise ordinance. Music outdoors must be kept to a level deemed reasonable by PAINTED LADY management. Speakers must be pointed in areas so as to not disturb neighbors. Bands/DJs must be willing to moderate volume – particularly bass levels – out of respect for neighbors. All music must end by 9:45 p.m. Please also note that the City of Albuquerque requires amplified music outdoors to cease at 10:00 p.m. in compliance with local noise restrictions.



Q What is the parking situtation?

AParking is available north of the property at Gorman Industries (1330 12th St NW) and also in the form of on-street parking. Street parking on Bellamah Avenue between 12th St and 8th St is permissible. We ask that you and your guests respect those living in the neighborhood by not blocking any driveways. No parking is allowed on any street except Bellamah Avenue. Please make sure guests are provided with parking information in invitation to events.


Q Can we bring our own decorations?

AYes. The property is already beautifully-decorated but you are welcome to hang decorations. 

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