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Painted Lady Bed & Brew making headlines.
Painted Lady Bed & Brew aims to open in Albuquerque.


Breakfast is overrated. Enjoy local Albuquerque craft beer nightly in a 19th century former brothel and saloon. A twist on the traditional B&B concept, Painted Lady* Bed & Brew is the first of its kind in New Mexico and one of only a handful of such unique establishments in the country. The Lady was completely overhauled in 2015 with the hopes of bringing people together over a beer. The property is centrally located and just 1-mile from the Historic Old Town Plaza, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Downtown ABQ and 8 production breweries and distilleries. 

Painted Lady Bed & Brew officially opened on August 3, 2018, International Beer Day. A day to celebrate all things beer. Painted Lady Bed & Brew is the first establishment in Albuquerque to secure a New Mexico state bed & breakfast liquor license.


BEER brings people together

The establishment was a true labor of love that was inspired by the idea that beer brings people together. That is the underlying basis and hope for the property: to bring people from all walks of life together over a beer. Given beer’s “every man” image, one that relies on themes of community and commonality, it’s a product that has the potential to feel particularly welcoming and available. It fosters feelings of togetherness in its ability to bond people socially.


The Bed & Brew was founded by Albuquerque entrepreneur, Jesse Herron. Co-founding Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory, Herron always wanted to create things that were unique to promote Albuquerque. The idea of creating something around craft beer came about suddenly during July 2013. “I had a Doc Brown (Back to the Future) 'falling off a toilet seat' kind of moment, that got me thinking about a lot of things,” Herron said. “It turned out to be my 'flux capacitor' moment, one that would eventually lead to the idea of opening up a beer-themed lodging establishment.” The property did not officially transform into the Bed & Brew until 2018. The process to get the lot rezoned and the appropriate liquor license was not an easy one. The new concept of a “bed and brew”  took a lot of convincing to get approval. Not a stranger to being the first to market with several ideas or afraid of the hard work ahead, Herron accepted the challenge.

*Painted lady was a term for a prostitute.
“Proper” women of the time did not wear makeup.

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