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the painted lady gets painted
Painted Lady Bed & Brew mural
Painted Lady Bed & Brew mural
Painted Lady Bed & Brew mural

original artwork by mauricio ramirez

The Painted Lady now has original artwork in the form of a custom mural by Mauricio Ramirez. Check out more of his work at The mural was an official work of Mural Fest 2018. The Painted Lady Bed & Brew was matched up with Mauricio and his artwork is the main focal point of the Beer Garden.


Read more and see more Albuquerque murals at


The image represents the deep and rich history of the brothel. Unbeknownst to most, a painted lady is also a type of butterfly. In the mural, the butterfly represents the prostitute. The woman is a former prostitute that has successfully made it out of that harsh life. She has the means to afford nice dress and jewelry; she is looking at her former life (represented by the butterfly) as it flutters off into the night. The background pattern represents the imagery that is present and iconic in the desert southwest. 

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